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I've pulled Goodnight Jemmy down for now. It was made during a very different part of my life. Though there are many elements that still resonate with me, I feel as though it was time to close the book on this concept. Thank you for those of you who played and felt connected to the story, and who supported me along the way. See you in the dreamworld~

Goodnight Jemmy was a surreal exploration game made in under 5 months solely by one developer (@jellycrowned on twitter &  instagram). A journey to  meet interesting individuals and view strange visuals, all while attempting to save the Silunata and the lands that connect it.

Was available for Windows computers.

Run time: Approx. 60 minutes.

Warning: Body horror, gore, blood, existential despair, tense/anxious moments, flashing screen

Do you want to see more content and stuff made by me? Check me out on twitter, thats where I'm the most active now. Consider checking out my twitch as well! https://www.twitch.tv/jellycrowned

All original content and game, concepts © jellycrowned 2017.                                            

Release date Jun 13, 2017
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsartgame, Experimental, Exploration, Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour


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This was a very nicely done. As someone who has personal experience with depression, this really spoke to me, the different demons certainly captured the many facets of suffering from it and the thoughts and feelings associated. 

I personally think the fact that you can mess up and retry is hugely important, as that is, in many cases what it is like in reality; having that strength to try again despite the previous outcomes. The visuals and soundtrack really complemented the experience too. This is a difficult issue to present, especially so in video games, but I'd say this is easily one of the most accurate. Excellent job.


Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I was able to produce something that so many people would enjoy and connect with in such a way. And the concept of retrying was definitely important to me, as I sometimes have to tell myself "I can try again," which is both difficult, but the process of coping with various internal feelings.
Again, thank you for your input on the game, it really means a lot!


I love so much this game! that's so awesome!

Thank you very much! I appreciate that.


Alright, since I took my sweet time during the game and I wanted to make sure I did it right (AKA I screwed up a lot lol), my play through will be in two parts. This is part 1! https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Thank you again so much for taking the time to play my game and even do a play through of it! I posted a link on my tumblr so more people can check it out! :3c


Oh thank you so much for sharing it! But really, it's such a great game and I had a ton of fun playing it. I did upload part two finally. :)


I personally love this game. The way it looks and it's story telling. I also love that even when you lose you can try again. It's visually pleasant to look at and unique. I personally don't know why this game isn't for sale and can be downloaded for free.

So I haven't completed the game because after some amount of time playing the game I pressed "X" and tried to save to play the game later and an error came up and I was forced to exit the game losing all that time. Now I'll play it again but that was very weird. Seems like you should not press "X" anywhere, even at the start menu.

Anyways good game. I like you.

Thank you for playing my game! And that is really strange? I have yet to hear of "X" causing such an issue, but I will try to see if I can find an issue to that.

 I have downloaded the game from itch.io onto my computer and pressing "X" doesn't seem to cause any issues, do you happen to remember what the error message said or have a screenshot? Maybe I can find a way to fix this and re-upload it so this won't happen again. But I do apologize for that, sorry! And I like you too, friend!

No problem! Yes, it is quite strange. 

Wish I could show you the message but I'll type it out for you, and it says, 


Error:EPERM:operation not permitted, mkdr'C:/Program Files(x86)\GoodnightJemmy\www\save'

It honestly happens whenever I access the options. Like when I go into options and try to leave by pressing "X" it gives me that error above.

When I try to save, it cannot, it just makes some sound and I can exit and continue playing the game. I could just keep playing the game without going into option and it'll be fine. 

Anyways, it's a small issue that I'm ok with. 

I am going to try resolve this issue if possible, or at least let people know of how to avoid the error. Thanks again for playing and sorry you had to deal with this issue. 


I was able to replicate the problem. It's an issue with how Windows handles permissions. It's a simple fix, all you gotta do is install the game anywhere else on your computer. Don't install it to Program Files or Program Files (x86).

Blargafiggle is the master of computers!


Oh my goodness! First off, amazing game! I loved this so much. The art is amazing! Second, I really love how much effort and detail was put into explaining these emotions and mental illness without coming right out with the names. I've felt so much of this in my life and I love when someone is able to paint it out so well. It gave me so many feelings.

I did a let's play but it's currently rendering and I'll add it as a comment once it posts. 

Thank you so much for making this game. <3

Thank you for your kind words! I feel super honored to receive such praise.

 Thank you so much for playing! And I will be sure to share your video once it is done. :3c

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It doesn't work on my PC. It looks like an interesting game, though!

Oh no I'm sorry! Is there some sort of error message or anything like that? I would like to help you if this is the case.

It says; "an error occured while launching Goodnight Jemmy (Error: spawn UNKNOWN)"

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I redownloaded the game on my own computer and had the download direct to a file on my desktop so I could find it easily and then ran "game.exe" and I was able to start it up fine. The only thing I can think of is maybe the permissions on your computer may not be allowing the game to run or the files for the game are not all located in the same folder? Your best bet is to try uninstalling the .exe for the game, which will remove all the files for the game on your computer and then try redownloading it and placing the installed game (after you run the install) all in one folder.

Sorry for not replying in a while- it finally worked and I loved the game! Thank you so much for your advice and game. Have you ever tried making a 3 dimensional game?

Honestly I would love to be able to work on another game. 3D or otherwise.  Never know if another artist and I might throw some ideas together. ;3c


This game is amazing! I love how it covers so many areas of mental illness in a way that's not stigmatizing or watered down. I, along with many people I know and care about, deal with depression and anxiety and it felt good to play a game that understood that feeling. I've made a three part LP series about this game and posted the final piece today. Thank you for making this game! I look forward to seeing what you make in the future!


Thank you so much! I'm happy to know that I could share this game and have others understand the message that I was trying to convey and have a good time with it. Also I feel super honored that you did a LP of it! I will share it with everyone I can!

im having some startup issues with your game, whenever i try to run it, it just brings up the installation pop up again.

I'm sorry to hear about that! Let us see if we can't resolve that!

I wanted to see if I could recreate this situation, so I uninstalled, deleted, and re-downloaded the file and followed the installation and was able to start it up just fine. It may be that the .exe you are trying to start up is not the installed game, but the installer itself.

When you first installed the game, there should be a window that comes up after the agreements, and you hit agree, and then it gives you an option to place the game file somewhere on your computer (the "Directory"). That file, wherever you place it, should be the actual game. So you might want to retry downloading it and placing it inside of a folder that you can find, or you can put it on your desktop.

If  this doesn't fix the issue, let me know and I will do my best to help you further.

hello, it's me again. 

Sorry for the late reply. 

Your advice worked, and I must say, I really love your game. 

I can tell how much hard work and feeling went into this, thank you for creating such a memorable piece.

Have a nice day!

Thank you! I am glad you were able to play it. And you have a great day, too!